Consider adding a ten camera option?
  • Hi, I presently have a four camera licence, I have added a further five cameras to my network, and while increasing my licence to cover 8 is affordable, the next step is 16 which for me as a private user (cams at home, not a business) it's not affordable.

    So I'm wondering if you have any plans to introduce more steps to the licence packages, between 8 & 16, perhaps a licence for 10?


  • I have a question about the unlimited camera license.

    Does it allow you to run on multiple Macs?

    I realize I could just have two 32 camera licenses, but it would be cheaper to go with the unlimited license at that point.

    Is there another license option that would allow multiple Macs, that just isn't listed?
  • @steveb - I'm afraid not, at present. Our licensing structure is currently fixed at the following set steps: 1, 4, 8, 16, 32 and unlimited cameras. There is no perfect system, and I understand that for people with 9 or 10 cameras, the system is not ideal, but it has been working well for many years and changing it now would be risky for us.

    @nglayton - each SecuritySpy license is for one Mac only. What is the reason why you would want to run SecuritySpy on multiple Macs? The main reason would be to spread out the processing load, is this what you are thinking?
  • @Ben - Yes, Exactly, spreading the processor load is what I was thinking. Having unlimited cameras would be excellent, but at some point you would get diminishing returns if I overload my processor.
  • @Ben - also video storage could be an issue unless video was stored on a shared network drive someplace, which is doable, but can create bandwidth issues, hampering the live viewing process.
  • Totally understand Ben, thanks for the reply all the same. (I replied to your email too).
  • @nglayton - yes, that makes good sense both from a processor load perspective and a storage perspective. If you haven't yet come across it, our SecuritySpy system requirements calculator will help you out here with the system design.

    However, as mentioned, I'm afraid each SecuritySpy license is for a single Mac only, so you would need multiple licenses for multiple Macs.

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