Emailed Images are received as MIME (text)
  • I am running v4.2.9 with a single Foscam FI8905W camera. 90% of the emailed files come in as MIME files (text). The other 10%, I'll receive the correct 10 image files in an email just fine. I've checked all the settings and don't see anywhere to correct this. Running a MacMin, MacOS 10.3.6
  • This is an unusual problem that isn't being reported by other users. What mail client are you using - is it Apple's Mail app on macOS, or some other software?
  • Yes, AppleMail. Sorry, OS should be 10.13.6
    Please let me know if you need any files, screen shorts or additional info. This happens with 2-different locations, sending the captured files to one email address. Captured jpg files appear correct on the host computer.
  • Additional note. When images do show properly in AppleMail, some are B&W and some are color. No set pattern that I can see.

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