SecuritySpy iOS App Notifications and Preview Image to Apple Watch
  • Hello, All. Over the years I've used many iOS apps to interact with SecuritySpy and they've been great. But I have to say, I'm really enjoying the native SecuritySpy iOS app. It's well designed, easy to use, and reliable. Many clients need to prescreen an entry gate call prior to admission- in other words we need to automatically send them an image of who is at the gate before the phone rings.

    A specific challenge: an arriving guest presses a call button on the gate access system and a phone call is placed to the residence. Admission is granted when the host answers the call and presses the 9 key. Many clients want these calls sent to their iPhone. On a locked iPhone, when a call comes in, you can either unlock the phone, which answers the call, or send the call to voicemail. You can't unlock the phone, open iOS SecuritySpy to make an admittance decision, then answer the call. Earlier I had macOS SecuritySpy send email or text messages on motion events, but the automated iOS notifications in response to motion are fast and direct.

    On my test system, I enabled iOS notifications for the gate camera, and I'm getting reliable messages on both iPhone and Apple Watch 4 as visitors approach.

    I've searched here for an explanation, but hadn't found it yet. In about half a dozen instances, the motion notification on my Watch included a still image from the gate camera. In between these episodes I don't think I changed any settings. I thought it might have to do with whether the iPhone was locked or unlocked at the moment the notification arrived but so far I haven't seen consistent behavior with that, either. I don't know whether links to images are welcome in this forum, but here's what I'm talking about: 2019-02-21 08.08.23.png?dl=0

    Is there a way to always get motion triggered SS notifications with an attached preview image delivered to iPhone and Watch?
  • With our app and an Apple Watch, you should get a notification with an image on both the phone and the watch. Are you saying that sometimes, the notifications are appearing on the phone but not on the watch? Or that the notifications are appearing on both but there is an image on the phone but not the watch?

    When the phone receives the notification, it has to then make a connection to the SecuritySpy server to obtain the preview image. If there is a temporary problem with the Internet connection to the phone at that time, then the notification image won't be received and the notification will be displayed without the image. We have chosen quite a short timeout for this connection, so as not to delay the notification too much if the preview image can't be obtained immediately.
  • Greetings and thank you for this feedback. I'm getting a clearer understanding of how the notifications flow works.

    I'm just becoming familiar with SS Notifications and settings. To answer your question, I have seldom looked at my iPhone as it's so often locked in my pocket but I am receiving reliable notifications on my Watch. 95% of the time the SS notification on the Watch is a banner with words but a handful of times I received a preview image on the Watch.

    I've adjusted the iPhone Notification Settings to Always and the Notifications>SecuritySpy settings to include Lock Screen, Banner style to Persistent, and Show Previews to Always. In the Watch app on iPhone I have SS Notifications to mirror iPhone alerts. I'm still very interested in this topic and I'll followup again here when I have additional reliable experiences to share.

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