Feature Suggestion
  • Could the iOS app have a feature added that would temporarily disable notifications or turn off motion detection for a user-defined period, kind of like 'do not disturb'?

    I have a camera that shifts to IR at night, and live in a climate where fog and windstorms are a routine thing. When the fog swirls around, it reflects the IR back and triggers motion detection. It's not bad when I'm asleep, as I turn off the phone... but in those few hours before the sun rises in the winter, it's not uncommon to get (literally) dozens of notifications over a two hour period. Similarly, during our frequent winter wind storms the only option is to disable the camera manually to prevent getting hundreds of notifications. If I forget to re-enable it, I'm out of luck.

    Having the ability to set a temporary deactivate/reactivate for cameras would be a great benefit.

  • I second this request!
  • Yes, this is coming in the shape of temporary schedule overrides (it's already in macOS SecuritySpy but hasn't made it to iOS SecuritySpy yet).

    Also our new AI motion detection algorithm should solve the root problem of all these false-positive triggers (coming soon!).
  • Good to hear! Thanks very much!
  • Any timeframe on the new detection algorithm? Just curious, as I was ready to rip the camera out of the wall the last few days due to windstorms and false positives! :)
  • Hi @macguy9 give me a week and I'll send you a beta version to test :)

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