Closest Thing to SecuritySpy for Windows?
  • My job has me spending a huge chunk of my day booted into Windows.

    What is the closest thing available on that platform to SecuritySpy, not just in functionality, but overall look and feel? I tried one app a couple months ago (its name escapes me), but I thought it was clunky and unintuitive in comparison.

    For now I've resorted to watching a stream from one of my cams through VLC. However, there's no PTZ and it's a pain to view more than one cam at once.
  • For my windows machines I run Blue Iris. As far as functionality it's pretty similar.
    It does have supposed RTMP support for nest and Drop cams.
    I personally like using Mac interface so Security Spy is my personal choice. But for my Window only folk i would have no issues setting up BI.
  • I think Blue Iris was the one I tried and didn't care for. I'll revisit it and see if my opinion changes.
  • I bit the bullet and bought a license. I can't say I'm thrilled with it, but it's the best thing out there it seems. My main qualm is that there's not a true compact mode like with Security Spy. It also seems a bit hungrier with CPU usage.
  • This is a pretty good Forum for support:

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