Feature proposal: outbound MQTT
  • How about posting MQTT events for motion, recording tiggered ( etc ) ?
  • ( take a look at the experimental Axis MQTT emitter, for example. nicely done. )
  • YES! A generic MQTT interface for receiving motion events:

    * motion event at START of motion for a camera
    * motion event at END of motion for a camera with a filename to the movie
    * periodic (once a second?) events for any motion with bounding box coordinates for the motion detected
    * trigger event for any camera that was triggered and why, perhaps separate event per trigger type
    * login/logout events for web interface (showing HTTP or HTTPS)
    * web interaction events (viewed movie, etc.)
    * events such as deleting file (include filename) due to age or space limit hit
    * events for various alarm/error conditions that currently pop up a window
  • This would be nice, but we don't get many requests for this, so unfortunately I don't think there is enough demand to justify the development time at this point in time.
  • I'll add my vote to this. Would be an amazing feature set to have. Would open up a lot of extensibility options.
  • Would it really be that much effort to develop something for what's pretty much the defacto home automation standard at this point? Aren't there open source libraries that would make it pretty simple to do?
  • I'll add my vote to this as well! would be very useful indeed

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