Modest priced camera
  • I use the cameras for observation as we have two shops for my business. Most of the time, I am just wanting to know if someone is in their office or what's generally happening on the shop floor. So, as long as it is 1080p or better, that's good enough.

    I tried the reolink RLC-420 and the image quality is solid, but integration with Security Spy is a nightmare. Very glitchy and poorly supported. Security Spy was good about support, but even after going back and forth 4 times, the image drops out and the feed is sputtery.

    Do people have suggestions for a fixed camera as well as one that can be aimed? I know I can get a really solid camera that integrates well for $200+, but it just seems overkill for how I am using it.
  • Have a look at these manufacturers: Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Vivotek, Amcrest.

    For example, for a fixed, small, indoor camera will a good feature set and reasonable quality, you could go for the Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW (there are also older versions of this model with lower resolutions that you may be able to find for cheaper).

    Axis also have a few small fixed indoor cameras - a bit more expensive than Hikvision, but Axis is a well-established brand known for high quality.

    Dahua is strong on outdoor dome and bullet cameras, though they have a few indoor models too.

    Vivotek has a huge range (too huge to navigate easily!) and everything is good.

    For a cheap camera with pan/tilt, Amcrest is probably the one to go for (avoid Foscam and Reolink).
  • Thanks! Very helpful.

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