Netatmo Doorbell Cam at CES
  • Netatmo has introduced a Homekit enabled doorbell cam at CES called Smart Video Doorbell. It does not require a subscription service. It has onboard storage, and can also send files to Dropbox or an FTP server. I know Netatmo cameras do not have a good record for offering industry standard video streams, but the FTP option offers some flexibility. I guess since SecuritySpy isn't an FTP server, it won't be able to record from this unit. Unless of course, Ben has a trick up his sleeve.

    It also is a nice looking unit.
  • Unfortunately, the specifications of this device do not include standard protocols that would allow it to work with SecuritySpy, such as RTSP or ONVIF. This indicates that it's a closed system that is not designed to work with anything but its own software.

    It's better than other doorbells in that they don't tie you into a subscription, and they allow local recording to the device and Dropbox/FTP integration, but I'm afraid this isn't enough to allow it to work with SecuritySpy.
  • Just to follow up: I posed this question to Netatmo, and they have just replied to confirm that the doorbell does not support RTSP or other standard streaming protocols, so cannot be used with SecuritySpy.
  • Thanks Ben. Too bad they only went halfway on connectivity.
  • Damn.. so close!

    FYI I did get a hint of a HomeKit enabled dbell 2 coming out later this year from their support team.. however I won’t be holding my breath on that one.
  • @Welshdog @durosity
    I have some Netatmo Presence cameras and intend to get the Netatmo doorbell when it starts shipping.

    As Ben states Netatmo do not support RTSP. (I in fact asked Ben about Netatmo Presence support a long time ago.) It seems Netatmo only support HLS aka HTTP Live Streaming.

    SecuritySpy does not support HLS and it does seem that 'traditional' IP security cameras e.g. Hikvision and Axis, all use RTSP. I would however say that HLS is becoming a lot more common - probably more with smart home products than dedicated IP CCTV systems.

    I would therefore still repeat my previous request that Ben consider adding HLS support since as mentioned this is becoming more common.

    In the meantime Ben or someone else might be able to advise regarding a possible workaround. I have seen a number of solutions which can translate an RTSP stream in to a HLS stream, I have however so far not found an equivalent to translate HLS in to RTSP although logically this should also be possible.

    If one could find such a solution - possibly running on a Raspberry Pi or VM then this could translate feeds from Netatmo devices in to RTSP which could then be utilised by SecuritySpy. (This might be an interesting project for Ben - hint, hint. :-) )

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