Date /time of Captures set to Epoch in iOS App
  • I'm running my security spy archiving video and photos to a NFS mount, specifically it's using AWS Storage Gateway which is a very handy tool for creating a local file server while being "synced" to AWS S3 storage. My issue is that every capture in the iOS app is showing the Epoch time stamp i.e. 12/31/1969 (technically Epoch is 1/1/70). I have traced the issue to the "birth" attribute a file that OSX is creating, for example:

    brick:2019-01-01 bedwards$ stat -x "01-01-2019 15-52-57 M house-s1-dahua1320s.m4v"
    File: "01-01-2019 15-52-57 M house-s1-dahua1320s.m4v"
    Size: 6975869 FileType: Regular File
    Mode: (0644/-rw-r--r--) Uid: ( 501/bedwards) Gid: ( 20/ staff)
    Device: 26,10 Inode: 30534 Links: 1
    Access: Tue Jan 1 15:53:27 2019
    Modify: Tue Jan 1 15:53:27 2019
    Change: Tue Jan 1 15:53:27 2019
    brick:2019-01-01 bedwards$

    brick:2019-01-01 bedwards$ stat "01-01-2019 15-52-57 M house-s1-dahua1320s.m4v"
    436207626 30534 -rw-r--r-- 1 bedwards staff 0 6975869 "Jan 1 15:53:27 2019" "Jan 1 15:53:27 2019" "Jan 1 15:53:27 2019" "Dec 31 18:00:00 1969" 1048576 13625 0 01-01-2019 15-52-57 M house-s1-dahua1320s.m4v

    The access, modify, and change date/times are perfect, however the birth time seen in the 2nd output is 12/31/69.

    The actual Security Spy application shows all the captures correctly, it's only the iOS app this is pulling the "birth" date /time. Before I spent too much time on this I wanted to post here to see if anything had thoughts.

    Brent Edwards
  • Hi Brent,

    It sounds like this particular network volume file system does not support birth (creation) dates. SecuritySpy needs these in order to correctly display files in the Browser, web interface and iOS app. I'm not too familiar with AWS Storage Gateway - perhaps it's not possible when using this service. I'm not sure there is a good solution that we can implement in SecuritySpy - the only way would be to parse the file name in order to extract the date, which isn't a great method (e.g. if the user changes the date ordering format setting it would screw up this method).
  • Thanks Ben. As you know most file systems don't support the birth date attribute, and since with NFS the file system is "owned" by the target side this attribute won't get set when the NFS target doesn't support the file system.

    I'll resort to using local disk for the captures, then just coping these files over to my NFS mount (aws S3) via another process.

    I appreciate your quick response and really enjoy the product.

  • Good to hear you already have a workaround. SecuritySpy was designed for macOS file systems (HFS and APFS), which support birth dates, and this is what the vast majority of our users use. So this problem doesn't come up very often. The only other solution would be for us to encode the birth dates into the file names themselves, but this isn't particularly user-friendly, and we're not keen to change the format of file names at this stage, as this may inconvenience users who rely on the current format.

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