Video delay (wanted!)
  • Hello,

    We're using Security Spy, and it's great! As well as recording anything that happens, the motion detection system works like a virtual doorbell for us, playing a sound when ever someone arrives in the car park outside our office.

    However, to reduce the false-positive etc for motion, it's possible for someone to arrive on foot and be inside the building before we can see them. By the time the sound is played, and we look at the live monitoring screen it's too late - the person is no longer on-camera, but inside the building. This means we don't know if someone just came back from lunch, or a customer arrived.

    The office where we work is not near the door where people arrive.

    I guess we could install additional cameras inside, but it I was wondering if anyone has found some way to view video from what happened a few seconds ago?

    The camera that is detecting motion also records 24/7 so there's always a video file being made. It would be great if I could use that file as another 'camera', only delayed, so I'm seeing what happened 5 seconds ago...

    Any suggestions?
  • The only easy way I can think to do this is to use the "HTTP Live Streaming" format for viewing in Safari via SecuritySpy's web interface. This has a 10-second delay that is inherent to the format. Do you think this would work for you?
  • This might work - I'll check it out!

    On the other hand, it's not ideal, as we currently use Security Spy to display multiple cameras at once in full screen mode...

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