Security Spy App - Unable to upgrade
  • Hi, I want to upgrade the Security Spy App on a second device, which is not possible allthough Security Spy 4.2.9 is up and running. When I try to upgrade I receive the message "Connection Failed. Unable to connect to the server" while the free featues of the app are ok.
  • Are you referring to the SecuritySpy iOS app, on an iPhone or iPad? If so, then to get the latest version of this you can do so from the App Store on that device.

    If you are getting a "Connection failed" error in the iOS app when trying to connect to your SecuritySpy server, then this must be a problem with the server or the address details you are using. Firstly, see the Getting Started section of the iOS app guide.

    When setting up the connection initially, it's best to have the iOS device on the same local network as your macOS SecuritySpy server - this way, you can take advantage of auto-detection of the server. If however you are setting this up initially over the Internet, you will have to do so manually (instructions for this are also in the guide via the link above).

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