Camera Recordings Disappearing
  • I just noticed this today, and it might be related to the 10.14.2 update I did last night, but all my recordings are gone. I have a 500GB external SSD attached to the Mac Pro that handles the server process and it is completely empty. The folders for each camera exist but there is nothing in them. If I watch the folders, I can see files get created and then after about a minute they all vanish. This system has been rock solid for months.

    After formatting the drive and establishing it as the capture device the recordings are now working and not deleting, but this has left me not trusting the system.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • For its auto-deletion algorithm, SecuritySpy uses standard system calls to obtain file date/size information, as well as volume free space, in order to decide when to automatically delete which files.

    So there are two possibilities here: either something went wrong with the macOS update that caused corruption on your drive, or it could have been perhaps that the drive was legitimately full for other reasons (e.g. other files, or files in the Trash), and SecuritySpy was deleting files correctly based on its settings.

    One possible cause is that 10.14 defaults to a new file system (APFS), and will attempt to automatically convert existing HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) file systems to the new APFS format during the 10.14 upgrade process. It's possible that something went wrong with this, which caused the problem.

    In any case, now that you have reformatted the drive, and things are working well again, it's unlikely that you will have any further problems.

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