Software to analyze saved video?
  • Anyone know of a tool that'll process saved video from SecuritySpy and check for things like stalled video, skips, blank frames? While I should have plenty of CPU, disk iops, network, sometimes I may play a video and notice a couple of spots where it hangs (timestamp from the camera doesn't change) for a few seconds. That'd suck to encounter when I really need good footage for identifying intruders.

    Ideally I'd like to have something to quantify the quality of all recorded video in bulk for completeness, instead of remembering to randomly go play some capture at 4x to look for anything out of the ordinary. Then I could look for trends where things were getting better/worse when I change the setup.
  • Something which provides after the fact object detection would be really good as well! I'm looking. The closest I can think of is to try and build a box running tensor flow or similar, but not clear how I would get it to process files regularly...
  • I would almost swear Bensoftware used to make a product for this. It was advertised as a product to do motion detection on your saved video after-the-fact. I went looking for it a few months ago when I decided I wanted to record 24/7 and lower my CPU overhead by turning off MD. I never found it. :( Good luck!
  • A while ago, we did used to resell a product for analysing captured footage. This was called SmartMotion - we are no longer ourselves involved in this product, but the developer is now selling it directly - you can find it at:

    As for analysing CCTV footage for the purposes of assessing its quality, sorry but I am not aware of any software that does this.
  • Thanks for the link! That's some pricey software... I think I also must have overlooked the first question too. I've also never seen any video analyzing software to check for problems/quality. Seems interesting though.
  • Wow! That is a very expensive piece of software for something that is probably just using OpenCV or Tesseract. A shame as it meets the requirements perfectly.

    I have a "project" on my list to see if it's possible to create some scripts that use the above open source projects to do this, will update this thread if I can find some time to do that.

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