Moving to a new server, DDNS not available
  • I am moving Security Spy to a new machine. I did not use the "copy all settings over" documentation kindly provided here because i wanted to change some settings in the process and set things up from scratch.

    however, i want to retain the DDNS name i was using on the old server so that i dont have to reconfigure all the clients. but when i enter the name into the appropriate field in the Web tab of SS and click Test, i get the response that the DDNS name is not available.

    i have turned off the server on the other machine as of two days ago and there is no change. is there something i need to do to have the DDNS point to the new machine?

    thanks for all your help Ben
  • The DDNS name is tied to the license, so if you enter the correct license in SecuritySpy on the new Mac (i.e. the same license you were using on the old Mac), then you should be able to use the same DDNS name.
  • Related issue - Uninstalled SecuritySpy from my Mac and then installed on Mac Mini. Deregistered from the Mac and stopped SecuritySpy, set up on the machine, configured (as far as I can see) the same on new machine but cannot access the DDNS - Any obvious reason? Checked my firewall settings on the machine, they are as per documentation, can't see anything that would be a problem on the router.
  • Hi @ShoreRam, exactly what error are you getting when attempting to set the DDNS name?

    Also, what version of SecuritySpy are you using?
  • Hi @Ben, no problem setting it, I get the green light :-) I can also see SecuritySpy as 'Allow Incoming Connections' through the Mac firewall, I've got automatic port forwarding enabled on SecuritySpy. Version 4.2.9

  • In that case it's probably the router's port forwarding rules that are the problem here. The first thing to try is to restart your router (turn it off and on again). This should clear any previous automatic port forwarding rules that were set up, and should allow SecuritySpy to set up the correct rules to the new Mac.

    If that doesn't work, please email us with screenshots of all relevant settings (SecuritySpy web settings, Mac firewall, any router settings) and we'll help you directly with this.

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