TV display?
  • Anyone have any thoughts on how to get my cameras to display on my TV? Server is headless. In the past I used the screensaver to connect to it on a Mac Mini, but that screensaver has fallen out of development and has issues. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Basically I'd like to be able to switch to a HDMI input and have the outside cameras show on the screen so I can know who is at the door, etc.

  • The best way to do this would be via an Apple TV using our SecuritySpy tvOS app.

    Alternatively, if the Mac mini is physically close to the TV, you can still use an HDMI connection between the Mac and the TV (essentially making the TV the Mac's monitor) and simply have the camera(s) you need being continuously displayed by SecuritySpy in full screen mode.
  • I have the tvOS app and it's good, but it takes time to get it up and going on either 4k or 4th gen AppleTV. Any way to have the tvOS app be a screensaver? The Mac Mini is hooked up to the TV, but to do that I'd need to buy a second license to make that work. The headless server is in the server closet and the Mac Mini is a separate machine.
  • On tvOS I don't think you can use a regular app as a screensaver.

    For just viewing video on the Mac mini, you can use SecuritySpy for free without purchasing a license. So this seems like it will be a good solution for you. Here's how to set it up: SecuritySpy as remote viewing software.

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