Data usage ISP
  • I am trying to troubleshoot data usage and the issues I am having with overages. I have recently been going over my 1tb cap and trying to get a clearer picture of what is using all of this data on my network. Does SecuritySpy actively transmit data if you are not looking at the cameras? I store locally on a NAS and not aware of any cloud backups. Any ideas?
  • SecuritySpy only uses significant Internet bandwidth for the following:

    - Remotely viewing video/recordings over the Internet
    - Connecting to (i.e. pulling in a stream from) a camera over the Internet
    - Uploading recorded files to FTP servers
    - Sending emails (not much bandwidth)

    If your cameras and SecuritySpy are on the same network, and you aren't doing FTP uploads and not much remote viewing, then there is no reason for such high Internet bandwidth usage.

    Where is this usage being reported? We have seen cases previously where the router or ISP will include LAN traffic (i.e. traffic just contained within your local network) in the reported bandwidth figures, which is misleading.

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