Feature Request: Multiple masks
  • Multiple masks would be nice for use with PTZ cameras. Also if this could be enabled via script it would make motion detection for multiple positions possible.
  • Are you suggesting a feature whereby the motion mask is tied to the PTZ position of the camera? This would be quite difficult to achieve, because it's not always possible to accurately obtain the PTZ position. Another option could be masks that are loaded when a particular PTZ preset position is invoked. The third option, as you say, would be a feature to save/restore masks via AppleScript. We'll consider all these options.
  • I wasn’t thinking about an arbitrary ptz position since I’m not sure how useful that would be to me. Having the mask tied to one or more ptz positions would be great since I could monitor multiple phone ositions for motion. If you could also expose this via apple events I would be able to script multiple viewpoint monitoring which would really make this useful.

    Thanks for considering this.

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