Recommendations for IR Floodlight
  • Hi,

    Camera is: Sunba 405-D20X

    I would like to enable Motion Capture in SS at night but I am getting way too many false positives due to snow and/or rain. I understand that installing a separate IR floodlight will help so I am looking for any suggestions.

  • Hi Martin,

    Yes, having a separate IR light, rather than relying on the camera's own internal IR lighting, will greatly reduce these problems.

    There are so many models of IR floodlight to choose from, so probably the best thing is to search for "IR floodlight" on Amazon and pick one with good reviews. I haven't done a comparison myself so can't advise on specific models, but perhaps someone else here can.
  • Thanks Ben.
    I would also appreciate advice on where to locate the floodlight in relation to the camera.
  • You want to illuminate the scene the camera is pointed at, but not the empty space right in front of the camera itself, as this is where the brightly-lit snow/rain causes problems. So ideally you want the IR light positioned some distance from the camera, though not so far away that you get extreme side light on the scene - an angle of between 30-60° between the direction of the camera to the direction of the light should be fine.
  • I anticipate a possible issue. As suggested the rain/insects is illuminated by the cameras IR and that may cause false positives. However can you switch off the camera IR emitter but still retain the IR mode? If not then you will be stuck with IR mode on, a new IR lamp illuminating the distance and rain still triggering alerts from the internal emitter. Maybe reduce the sensitivity/ trigger duration of motion trigger to avoid rain triggers?
  • Normally there will be a setting via the camera's web interface to disable its built-in IR illuminators, but yes it would be a good idea to check for this setting before you go ahead and buy the IR floodlight. If it doesn't have this setting, then unfortunately the only other option is to use black tape to obscure the LEDs, which is not ideal.

    This setting should not affect the camera's actual sensitivity to IR light - this should be controlled separately (some cameras have an "IR cut" filter that gets switched in/out depending on the light levels, but turning off the camera's IR lights should not affect the operation of this filter, if it exists).
  • Yes, there is a setting and I have turned the IR lights off successfully. Now I’ll start shopping for an IR floodlight! Thanks to all.

    On a related note which I will move to a separate thread I would like the ability to script this function in my camera which uses special (high-numbered) presets but at the moment SS only supports 1-10.

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