Question about multiple SS installs
  • Hi,

    I am new to SS and have a couple of configuration/installation questions.

    I have SS running on a headless Mac Mini. I also have SS running on my main laptop in "viewing only" mode, configured to point to the headless mac via the Device/Address field as documented.

    Here are the questions:
    1- Are each of the settings independent in the sense that each one has its own set of parameters and options? In other words if I turn on Motion Capture on the laptop will this affect the headless setup? This is what I would like if possible since it would avoid having to vnc into the headless mac.
    2- On the "viewing only" I seem to be in Demo mode. Is there some way to remove this?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Hi Martin,

    Each instance of SecuritySpy is separate: if you have two instances of SecuritySpy that are each doing recording, then they will be doing their own recording independently. Recording settings on one instance of SecuritySpy do not affect the other instance.

    Note that if you have one instance of SecuritySpy (the client) pulling feeds from another instance of SecuritySpy (the server), this puts additional CPU load on the server, as it has to encode and send all the streams to the client. So, if you require continuous viewing via SecuritySpy on a second Mac, I suggest that you instead set up this second instance to pull the video feeds directly from the cameras themselves. This avoids the additional load on the server. To do this, simply set up the cameras in the second instance of SecuritySpy in the same way as you set them up in the main instance.

    One SecuritySpy license is for one Mac only; you cannot use it to do recording on two different Macs. For this, you will need to purchase two licenses of SecuritySpy. But as you have discovered, we do allow SecuritySpy to be used free for the purposes of viewing only.

    The typical setup in your situation is to configure the server instance (in this case your headless Mac mini) to do all the recording, and you access live video either using a web browser or another copy of SecuritySpy running on the second machine. To access recordings, use a web browser on the other machine. And to access live video and recordings from an iPhone or iPad, use our SecuritySpy iOS app.
  • ( as a fellow headless mac mini user, Martin, I'll jump in and point out the bit about using a 'fake display' dongle to enable video acceleration processing on the mini. )

    ( please excuse the interruption )

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