Not keeping old files since upgrading to Mojave
  • Since upgrading to Mojave, SS seems to not keep files older than a day or two. I haven't changed any settings in years. I have over 600GB free on my harddrive and SS is set to keep that drive at 500GB or more. Any idea what's going on here? Thanks!
  • I would check that your storage location is still correctly pointed at your hard drive and not reverted to the SSD. Mojave install could conceivably change the volume definitions and confuse SS.
  • It sounds like you have set SecuritySpy to delete files when the free space drops below 500 GB - is this correct? This is a very high threshold, and will result in only 100 GB available for SecuritySpy to use, based on your figures. Try reducing this threshold to allow SecuritySpy to use more of the drive.

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