Recovery of auto-deleted capture files
  • Just captured a timelapse file on a new garage construction. Watched the file and it was good. Unfortunatly I had the "Delete old files by disk space" set to low and the file was automatically deleted by SS. I have corrected that configuration setting, but is there any reasonable way to resurrect these files (short of constructing another new garage)?
  • Sorry to hear you lost this file. Do you have any kind of backup for the machine, such as a Time Machine backup?

    The whole point of the auto-delete feature is to free up disk space, and the only way to do this is to permanently delete files. So I'm afraid there is no good way to recover this file. The only way to attempt this would be to try some data recovery software.
  • ben, It might be worth considering adding the option to put them into the trash rather than a permanent delete. I have my system to autodelete in 30 days which gives me a chance to catch my own errors.
    I did find a file in time machine, it is a unf file. I tried your MovieFixer but it kept failing with codec errors.
    The resulting file should be a 640x480 H.264 at 3 frames per second.
    Any suggestions on how to convert the UNF to m4v?
    Thanks, Peter
  • Hi Peter,

    I really don't think it makes sense to move files to the trash rather than deleting them permanently - this would basically prevent this auto-delete function from working properly.

    What version of SecuritySpy are you using? With the latest version, any unfinished (.unf) file should be recoverable using the MovieFixer utility. If you would like us to take a look at this .unf file, please upload it to WeTransfer and provide us the download link to I hope that we will be able to help you recover it.
  • Just loaded 4.2.9 (was 4.2.7 I think), also loaded the latest MovieFixer. Stil not working.
    I have uploaded the unfollow file. File should decode as m4v 640 x 480, 3 fps H.264 based on other files from this same camera (after I fixed the auto purge configuration).
    Thanks for trying.

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