DigitalOcean Spaces?
  • how anyone tried using SecuritySpy with DigitalOcean Spaces?

    my copy of SS sends copies of the still images to our blog server, but I'm thinking about using DigitalOcean instead. my blog server doesn't have enough storage room.
  • I've set up a Space and generated an Access Key pair (user and password).

    has anyone used OceanDigital? do I need to install SSH keys to use SFTP with the OceanDigital server?

    (my blog server has run out of room. whoops!)

  • I can connect with Transmit using just the Access Key pair and specifying the Amazon S3 protocol.
  • I found references to S3 in the forum and hence installed odrive. it links to my OceanDigital Space just fine.

    one hitch. I don't want to upload videos to the Space, just images, but SS doesn't give the option to save videos and images separately to disk. they all go to the same folder destination.

    is it possible to create an 'upload destination' that is actually the local disk, that I could point to a folder inside the odrive folder?
  • sorry for the mess. getting there. slowly.

    I switched from a DigitalOcean Space to a Block (Volume).

    it appears to be working. I had to create a new SSH key pair (because SS is in its own user account) and then append the public key to the authorised keys on the server. SS can now login. took quite a while for me to work this all out.

    hopefully, it'll work without any hitches now.

  • Hi Gregory,

    Do you have this all working now? Does this work with the SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) option in SecuritySpy?

    The way to do this when using a local folder, if you want just images but not movies saved to this folder, is to create two instances of the camera in SecuritySpy: one for recording movies, and the other for recording images - then the movies and images can have different capture destinations. As you have found out, a single camera can have only a single capture destination for all files, so this method is a good workaround.
  • yes. SSH file transfer (without passphrase). it's working very well. setting these servers up is not something I'd want to do very often. really hard to find the appropriate setup information. I now just have to set up a CRON on the Droplet to automatically delete older files when the volume fills up. more research/homework to do :)

    the work-around you mentioned is intriguing. would SS take *2* feeds from the duplicated camera? or still just the one feed?
  • If you set up the additional camera instance with exactly the same settings as the first, SecuritySpy will recognise this and pull only one stream from the camera, and will only count it once for licensing purposes too.
  • same settings... just the Device tab?
  • Yes exactly, I do mean all the settings in the Device tab: network address, ports, username, password etc. All other settings (e.g. recording settings) can be different.
  • thank you.

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