Choppy Live Camera view on ios
  • I’m new to SecuritySpy and really liking it so far. I was a long time user of Blue Iris and used Synology’s surveillance station for a year as well. That being said, I find the live video feeds to be somewhat choppy, especially on my iPhone over LTE. It’s not connection on the phone or at home..... I have about a 40Mbps upload at home and my phone usually has anywhere from 50-90Mbps download. I’m running all Reolink IP cameras hardwired to a Ubiquiti UniFi POE switch. My guess is that the phone is trying to play the main stream (2560x1440 @ 30FPS). Blue Iris was really good about switching to the sub stream automatically when on cellular and even the native Reolink app lets you choose which feed to stream. This almost completely eliminates the choppy frame rate.

    Does security spy not do that? Did I not configure something correctly? I’m really close to making the permanent switch and this is the only thing holding me back. My trial is about to expire and id like to know if this is just what it is or I’m doing something wrong. Other than that, this software is very nice!

    Thanks I’m advance for anyone that can provide advice.
  • Our iOS app requests a high-resolution stream, because this allows you to zoom/pan the image without too much pixelation. It could be this high resolution that is causing the choppiness over LTE, however the connection speeds you quote should be more than fast enough to handle this stream with good performance, so I'm somewhat surprised that you're seeing this problem.

    One thing to check: go to the SecuritySpy settings on your phone and make sure the "Live H.264 Video" setting is turned on. This gives you the most efficient stream (the alternative is JPEG, which is much higher bandwidth).

    Perhaps we can add a resolution setting to the app in the future, so you that users can choose their desired tradeoff between resolution and performance.
  • Thank you so much for the reply. My settings are as follows:

    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Live H.264 Video: WAN Only ( when I switch to “On” I lose the camera signal entirely)

    Time Zone: Server
    Preview Size: Medium
    High Quality Movies: Wi-Fi Only

    Picture quality is crystal clear, audio is fluent as well. Time stamp seems to flow too, it’s just the video that seems to drop to like 5FPS. Thought maybe it’s just these Reolink cameras. Think I’ve read they are very buggy or don’t play nice with 3rd party applications.
  • I have reolink cameras, over wifi they are very smooth on my iPhone, but over 3g they do get choppy, but I figure that is just a network issue as the streams are very large. I have a second property which I view from my first and I have to drop the streams down to 720p and no sound or it tends to drop - the outgoing connection from there doesn't seem strong enough to send to my server

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