Option to move SS from Dock to Menubar
  • Hi Ben

    Quick one for you, would it be possible to add an option to SS to move the icon from the dock to the menubar (without the need to change xml's or use third party apps)? Would make things a bit cleaner for us who leave it running but on daily use Mac.

  • One less thing in the dock would be nice...
  • The problem is that without a Dock icon, SecuritySpy doesn't show up in the Application Switcher (Command-tab), nor can it display its standard menu bar. So, while it's a good suggestion that we do get from users from time to time, it's not an easy thing to add, as it requires us to make significant changes to the UI to make it work properly without a Dock icon. So I'm afraid this feature is not high on our list of priorities to implement.
  • No probs, thanks for the response Ben

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