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  • I love being able to view my cams on the televisions, thank you.

    I have an issue where is no way to select an aspect ratio as you can do in the iOS app.
    As a result I am unable to see the full picture of some of my cameras since they are not all 16x9.
    I have several cameras that are 1280x960 which result in the top and bottom information loss.
    This would be great in single and multiplex views.

    Can this request please be added to a future update? Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks for the feature suggestion. Yes, we are planning to add this setting to the next version of the SecuritySpy Apple TV app.
  • Hello,
    Do you have an ETA when the release will be available? I have a handful of cameras that are not displayed properly due to there not being a setting available.
    Would love for the multiplex view to fit the cameras as the Mac OS app does.
  • How about controls or options for the TVos App? I'm looking for being able to set teh number of cameras in multiplex view and group certain cameras together in the multiplex views. Is there anyway to do this currently and I'm just missing it?
  • If you swipe down on the remote the Options are there.
  • Thanks so Much, I swear I tried every single thing I could think of swiping left, right, up down, double click, triple click, etc. After your suggestion which of course worked perfectly, I discovered that the pause play button also toggles the controls for those that might be using older or universal remotes without the stupid touch pad. When selecting infinity for the time then clicking the pad or hitting okay/enter toggles between the multiplex cameras if you have more than you have designated for viewing at one time.

    What I would like to be able to do is use the groups from the security spy preferences as my camera groups. I have my camera's grouped, but the only place I can use that is on the Mac running security spy... Not super useful since it's in another building. Although I suppose I can run another instance of SS in view mode and set up groups there also. It would just be a nice feature on the Apple TV or iOS apps to set multiplex with that feature as well.

    Also a setting for 8 cameras.. not 9 would be nice, but I suspect this is based on the ability to properly layout 8 feeds on the display.

    Currently I have an odd number of cameras (15) and as the multiple screens rotate, it changes the position of each camera on the screen, so that it never leaves a blank spot open. It would be nice to some how tell SS that I want these 8 cameras every time in the same location on the screen every time. With 15 cameras, you can see my issue, not being able to set or control the layout on any setting less than all 16 at once. I guess I could setup a dummy/dead camera, that shows a blank spot all the time... or multiple dummy/dead views to get the 6 view to rotate the same each time.
  • Thanks for the feedback, this is all very useful. We're currently updating the iOS and tvOS apps so we'll see if we can improve some of the things you mention.

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