Single address for remote viewing via LAN and WAN-router loopback
  • Hello, all. I have read the SS Installation Manual section on remote viewing. I'd been having some problems with my internet connection and a few weeks ago I removed my router and started using the ISP's gateway, an Arris TG3482G as router. My goal is to embed live video from one of SS's cameras into an Indigo Touch Control Page.

    I believe this might be known as "router loopback," but my old router was tolerant of viewing the DDNS address on the local LAN. In other words, I could build a single URL into my Indigo Touch Control Page such as and I could see the gate video on my iPhone both at home on my own WiFi network and via WAN cellular data.

    Perhaps the ISP gateway router doesn't support such access. Am I missing anything, is there another way to come up with one single URL for a remote camera live page which works both on LAN and WAN?

    Many thanks.
  • You're best off reverting to a setup with a router that supports loopback of local addresses. Get the the Arris into bridge mode and hook the new router behind the router.

    Apple Airports support that function. So do Edgerouter X's (about $60). I really love the control I have with my Edgerouter, but the first time setup is not easy. Took me a whole day the first time. I've since configured about 6 of them - the latest requiring about an hour to get all the subnets and VPN support working.

    One great thing Edgerouters also allow is creation of physically isolated subnets and access rules. That lets me completely prevent cameras "calling home," while still giving me full access to the SS computer.

    How much do my 16 Dahua, Sunba, and Hikvision cameras try to access the outside world? In just three months, the Edgerouter rule to prevent my camera subnet (LAN2) from accessing the outside world dropped 72,765,719 packets. That is with all the internet functions on my cameras ostensibly turned off. That also excludes NTP requests. Yup, they definitely try to call home.
  • Hi, guykuo, thanks for the feedback. Of all things, my entire network is UniFi. My Arris gateway from the ISP (Comcast) had been in Bridge mode and the routing device that was giving me all kinds of problems was the Ubiquiti UniFi USG-3. Having removed the USG-3 and using the Arris as router, other than this small issue, my whole network is working better, including internet speeds twice as fast (850Mbps) and twelve Sonos (network music distribution system) devices are working infinitely better. I worked for months with Ubiquiti support to resolve the problems (including replacing the USG-3) but ultimately removing it fixed everything.

    Your description of cameras and other devices calling home is probably the cause of my mysteriously high bandwidth consumption.

    Perhaps I'll look into giving an Edgerouter a try. Could you link me to any instructions on how you create such access rules to curb this behavior? If you or the moderator think router configuration is off-topic for this community, you are welcome to PM me, as well. Thank you again!
  • Wow. I would have though the USG-3 would have behaved better. That's pretty good throughput from Comcast. Must be fiber. An ER-X won't keep up with full GB unless you avoid QOS options. Without QOS, enabling hardware acceleration is possible and you can have decent throughput.

    It's a pretty cheap experiment (other than the time needed to do the setup)
    You'll need to update the ER-X to latest firmware then configure the unit. I'm pretty happy with the stability and control I have with the ER-X. It's not fully UniFi savvy, but I don't use the UniFi app. (I do use Indigo though :-)

    PM me if you wish to give one a go. I can make a generic version of my config file to make getting started easier.

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