Feature Request: Bookmarks in Browser Timeline
  • Hello, perhaps I am alone in this, but I periodically scrub through several hours of footage and would like to mark a few specific points in time so I can easily come back and review those areas without having to hunt them down again. Currently I am writing down the timestamp but it would be so much simpler/faster to have a keyboard or right-click option to place a visual marker on the Browser timeline (much like how timeline markers work on video editing software). Ideally, these markers would remain as long as the footage was online or I delete them.

    One challenge I can imagine is how to handle bookmarks when multiple cameras are selected. For my purpose, it would be fine to have the bookmark simply associated with a point in time in the browser, regardless of which camera or group of cameras were selected vs. having the bookmark linked to a point in time AND a specific camera. But perhaps that approach would be less useful for folks with many cameras?

    I can also appreciate that adding a graphical element to the UI might be a significant amount of work, so I would be equally pleased with a list of timestamps which represent the bookmarked locations. Clicking on a timestamp would jump the playhead to the corresponding position in the Browser window.

    The only other way I'm seeing to do this is by selecting and exporting individual ranges of video. This works, but is also overkill for my situation.

    Bonus Request: This is such a small thing, but since it's a constant extra click, I'll just mention it. When the Browser window opens, it defaults to the current day, with the month being highlighted. However, nearly 100% of the time I want to look at footage from the previous night, so there is the extra click to select the 'day' of the date before clicking the down arrow to go to the previous day. I wonder how users would feel about having the day be the default selection? Does this break an Apple UI convention?

    The other half of this would be that if the date displayed is: 11/1/2018 and the day is selected, clicking down one time would result in the previous calendar day: 10/30/2018 instead of 11/30/2018.

    Thank you for such a well designed product! I appreciate that maintaining elegant functionality is a difficult balance between what individuals would like and what will ultimately make the software more useful and productive for everybody.
  • Thanks for the feature suggestions. I like the idea of bookmarks. I think they should probably be per-day (not per-camera or per-file), and remembered by the Browser across restarts. I'll see if we can add this feature in a future update.

    As for the day/month selection - this is only inconvenient due to your country's illogical date format! Here in the UK we use the much more sensible day/month/year layout. The default element selection, and the behaviour of the up/down arrow are all pre-programmed by Apple into this standardised control. I'm not convinced that we should override the default behaviour here. My suggestion would be to use the calendar control instead (click the calendar icon) - this is normally the easiest way to select a date.
  • Appreciate the feedback and happy to hear that bookmarks might be available sometime in the future.

    Yes, completely understand about the date - especially if this is an OS object. I see that the Date & Time preference pane allows customizing the date format without changing the region, but not what the default selection would be within the Date object.
    I'm spoiled by working so much with Filemaker. Haha.

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