FTP Timeout Error
  • Hi,

    I’m running (7) 4-5MP POE cameras on a Mac Mini and am getting occasionally FTP errors. I suspect it’s when more than 1 camera is trying to upload video files to my remote NAS, but I can’t say with certainty. The files seem to make it to the NAS, though they are about 5% smaller than the versions on the SS server.

    I have cable 4M upload speed at the SS site, and fiber 50M down at the NAS site. The NAS is a Diskology DS218j, SS site router is an Archer C9, NAS site router an Actiontec via Verizon. The FTP timeout is set to 6000 seconds (!), no throttling, and I’ve looked at every setting I can find.

    Here’s a sample error message:

    11/14/2018 02:17:40: Error uploading the file "11-14-2018 02-11-34 M back yard.m4v". 4.2.9,4640,800 The operation timed out. Timeout

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.



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