Stream 2 no longer working on Hikvision
  • Hi,

    I had a setup with an earlier version of the software, but after a hard disk crash have been setting everything up again.
    Using now latest version 4.2.9 with Hikvision cameras.

    Normally for a video wall output I was using Stream 2 from the cameras, but when now selected the camera reports "Error 400". Stream 1 works fine, so password etc all good. Camera type selected is "Hikvision Camera"

    As an alternative I tried to set the video size/frame rate, but this doesn't appear to be an option?

    Is either of these a known issue?


  • Hi Matt,

    This is because Hikvision subtly changed the format of RTSP requests for their newer cameras, which we have now implemented in recent versions of SecuritySpy, and the new format is unfortunately not backwards-compatible with older cameras for the substream (stream 2).

    So now, to get the substream into SecuritySpy, you'll have to use the "Manual configuration" profile, make sure the Format is set to RTSP, and enter the following as the Request:

  • Hi Ben,

    Thankyou, that worked perfectly.



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