Hikvision / NVR DVR / Setup
  • I am trying out your macOS software, SecuritySPY for the first time and having issues getting it working.

    I have 3 Hikvision security cameras, which are run through my NVR NR32p4-4.

    This has an internal static IP I made for it, which I am able to access also remotely (outside my home) via a DDNS.

    When I put in my local IP of the DVR, and the login/password, I am not getting a connection. I guess my goal is, shouldn’t this software be able to load my camera feeds, which are being run through this DVR in the other room, so I can view/record on my mac?  What am I missing?
  • SecuritySpy generally does not support NVRs/DVRs, because it is itself an NVR and is designed to work directly with cameras. We're not familiar with the NVR NR32P4-4 device.

    However, SecuritySpy does support Hikvision cameras, so you should be able to set up SecuritySpy to receive video directly from the cameras themselves. The cameras should be able to supply one stream to your NVR and one stream to SecuritySpy simultaneously.

    This should simply be a case of creating new cameras under Preferences -> Cameras in SecuritySpy, selecting the cameras' auto-discovered addresses, selecting "Hikvision" as the Profile, and entering the cameras' usernames and passwords.

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