Camera Recommendations
  • I bought some cheap Wansview "K2" 720p cameras and, well, I guess you get what you pay for. Out of five (four on the original order plus one sent directly as a replacement), two disconnect from the network spontaneously quite often and the other three will periodically disappear only to reappear later. All five (when they are actually connected) transmit bizarre video artifacts that trigger unnecessary alerts. I'll be sending all of them back for a refund.

    So what I need are some recommendations for IP cameras that play nice with Security Spy, have 720p (at least), and wide-angle coverage (120 degrees would be fine). All the cams are for indoor use though some will be pointing out of windows hence the need to be able to disable IR for those particular cams. I'm using Security Spy to record 24/7 to a secure location and send me eMails upon motion trigger.

    I'll add that I'd like to keep the cost down to $50-60 per camera if that's possible and still get something that's reliable.

    Thanks in advance,
    Barry Levine
  • I have tried many makes myself and now solely use Reolink cameras, great quality, very reliable, the only fault they seem to have is that they are very sensitive when it comes to the network, I had a lot of problems when connecting them via home plugs but since wiring directly using ethernet cable straight to the router they are 100%
  • For good inexpensive cameras, have a look at Amcrest, they are better than their Foscam/Wansview/Reolink rivals in my opinion. Otherwise, have a look at the Hikvision "IR Cube" cameras (e.g. model DS-2CD2432F-IW or DS-2CD2442FWD-IW) - only slightly above your price range and they are excellent value.

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