Safari certificate error
  • I'm trying to access my Securityspy server on my local network using the IP address. I have both HTTP (port 8000) and HTTPS (port 8001) enabled on the server. However, when I attempt to connect using Safari 12.0, I get the message "This Connection Is Not Private". I click on "Show Detail" and then on "visit this website". Safari asks for admin credentials and then redisplays the original "This Connection..." message. Is there a way using the self signed certs to access using TLS?
  • I use Chrome or Firefox on my mac as they seem to allow you to add a permanent exception.
  • Safari is complaining that the SSL certificate is invalid - this will be either because it is self-signed (by default, SS generates you a self-signed certificate), or because you are connecting to the server using a different address that is set in the certificate. You should simply be able to tell Safari to connect anyway - is this the case?

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