Foscam R2C - Bad Image Data Error
  • I am not sure if anyone has tried the R2C camera. I have had good luck with Foscam with SecuritySpy in the past. I can access it via their mobile app and the webpage. But cannot get SecuritySpy to connect.

    I keep getting the error "Bad Image Data". Not sure where to go next to resolve.

    The following profiles were recommended via the "Auto-Detect Profiles" option when setting up the device:

    - Foscam H.264 with format "H.264 RTSP"
    - ONVIF with format "RSTP TCP"
    - ONVIF with format "RSTP TDP"

    I have validated it is not a password issue.

    Any suggestions on how to debug would be great!


  • Solved my own problem. Not clear why, but had to adjust the Video quality settings to the following:

    Resolution: 720P
    BitRate: 512K
    Frame Rate: 15
    Key Frame Interval: 15
    Variable bit rate: yes

    It is what I had a FI9829P set to as well. Hope this helps someone.

  • I am having this problem but I don't see where this is done. I am guessing that these are camera settings in the camera itself. But I don't see where I can make these changes on my R2C camera. I will ask FOSCAM for assistance.
  • Didn't need to contact FOSCAM support. I have my camera working with SecureSpy now. I couldn't get the downloaded software to work so I had to find my camera's IP address another way. Once I had that I could login to the camera. I only had to change the Key Frame Interval from 30 to 15.

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