Security Spy 4.2.9 opens All Cameras window when switching to it from Finder
  • I run Security Spy with no windows open on a Mac Mini that I access through screen sharing. If I am in Finder or another program, I will click on the Security Spy icon in the dock to switch to it, then open whichever windows I want to look at. I like to keep camera windows closed because they slow everything down over screen sharing.

    In previous versions of SS, no windows would open when I clicked on the dock icon. Now, in 4.2.9, when I click on the dock icon the All Cameras window opens. If I switch to SS with Command-Tab, no windows are opened.

    If I have other windows open in SS, any other window, such as About SS, Preferences, Camera Info, then no other windows are opened.

    I prefer the pre-4.2.9 behavior that does not automatically open a window when click-on-dock-icon switching to SS. Anyone else having the same problem?

    I am running 10.11.6 on a Late 2012 Mac Mini.
  • I would also agree, preferred the previous behavior over the new.
  • This was a design decision. We had many reports of users telling us that when less experienced people are using SecuritySpy, it is confusing to click the Dock icon and have nothing happen. This makes people think that the software is not working.

    Having a window open when the Dock icon is clicked is Apple's recommended behaviour. From their Human Interface Guidelines:

    "Activate a window when the user clicks your app’s icon in the Dock. If your app is already running with open windows, activate the front open window or the last minimized window. If your app isn’t already running or is running without any open windows, open your main window or a new document window."

    If you don't want this to happen, then I would recommend using Command-Tab to select SecuritySpy.

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