How to watch the cameras in a grid in web interface? (Load 4.2.9)
  • I just updated to the latest load 4.2.9

    Normally when I click the "view live images" and the group is selected, I get a grid with the 4 cameras.

    In the image in the link, I have the "house" group but I only get to see the CatCam when I click "view live images"
  • Update: I noted that if I highlight the 4 cameras it will show the 4 cameras in the web interface, but I have to scroll down. It does not produce a grid ..
    Not so user friendly if you want to have a screen with the cameras infront of you ...
  • As you discovered, you have to select the camera(s) you want to view within the selected group: shift-click or command-click to select multiple cameras to view at the same time.

    If the "Size" option is set to Automatic, you should get a 2-wide grid, however if you have selected a size that would overflow the page if displayed 2-wide (e.g. Full Size), the cameras will be displayed one below each other as you describe. So please try the Automatic size setting and let me know if that does what you want.
  • Hi, Ben
    That works and provides the squares I'm looking for. Thanks for a great software!


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