unexpected data error
  • Hi-
    Just developed a new problem this afternoon. I've got two Zavio 6330s. One left and one right, outside mounted. I just started getting an unexpected data error on the left camera in the SS app. Nothing else has changed for either camera.

    I can log into this camera via IP just fine on the same desktop machine, as well as a Mac laptop. I restarted the camera but still get the error on the desktop.
    Any ideas?
  • Hi Mark,

    The first thing to check is that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy

    Next, check the offending camera's video encoding settings. This should be set to H.264, baseline encoding, VBR (Variable Bit Rate) with a medium quality setting. I would suggest a frame rate of 5-10fps, and set the I-frame interval to 2x-3x the frame rate.

    Does this resolve the problem?

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