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  • I want to be able to login to the webserver (with a script) without the login form appearing and without saving the username and password being stored in the browsers password database, is this possible ?.

    I've tried passing such things as "view?cameraNum=0&cameraNum=2&cameraNum=3&imageSize=640x480" with different variations of "&username='xxx'&password='xxx' (in other words, login,user,pass,passwd etc), but all het is a "401 Unauthorized" message.

    Is it possible to login this way (firefox/chrome dev tools hasn't helped so far).

  • I've managed to figure this out (the answer was in the documentation), so for anyone else that tries this :-

    I'm developing a cross platform app (for use in my factory) that will at random times, move a random camera (4 cam system) into a random position (either a preset position or a random sweep).

    In other words, it's not predictable where any camera may be pointing next.

    I'm using lazarus to develop it, so it will run on Mac, Windows, Linux :- (username/password and url all made up)

    s := TFPCustomHTTPClient.SimpleGet('http://freddy:rh876321@website.com:8000/ptz/command?cameraNum=1&command=10&speed=1');

    ('OK' is returned in s).

    Hope this helps someone.
  • Good to hear you found a solution.

    Another solution is to add an "auth" parameter to the request - see the "Authentication in URL" section at the bottom of the SecuritySpy Web Server Specification page.

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