Low volume. iOS app
  • I’ve been looking everywhere for a setting to increase the volume on this app, and can’t find a fix. I’ve used the plus button on the phone to the max and the volume is still too low.
    I’ve tried the spyglass app, and the remote Patrol app, and they come in loud and clear!.....
    Is it just me or are others experiencing the same thing?.......ps I’ve deleted the other apps because they always crash or never work correctly. Good job Ben! Just need some help to fix the low volume.
    Any help on this?
  • Hi Mike,

    We have had a couple of other reports of this, we we will look at this for the next update.

    Meanwhile, you should check the camera's settings (connect to it using a web browser) to see if you can increase the volume there.

    Or, if you are using a Mac audio input device rather than one from an IP camera, you will find a volume control under Preferences - Cameras - Audio

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