Group PTZ Actions for 2 or more Cams
  • Hello, I’ve use SS now for several weeks and enjoy it very much, 16-camera license and currently using about 12 cams, 5 of them PTZ cams. I also have a fairly large Indigo installation. I live on a corner with a good view of two separate streets and also a very superior view of the entire Salt Lake Valley (Yes, Utah). There are at least three viewing situations where I want to send all PTZ cams to a particular view:
    1) POS1. Home Security View. All cams go to best position to view actual property. All lawns, entries, walkways... these are masked.
    2) POS2. Street and Traffic View. All PTZ cams move to view the street, intersection, train crossing.
    3) POS3. Valley View. All PTZ cams zoom “out yonder” to see the mountains, the sunset, the every direction.
    POS4..8 would still be used on an individual non-grouped basis.

    POS1 spend most time in this view.
    POS2 for the traffic may be activated also under crash-sound control...using an outdoor glass-break sensor. It won’t catch traffic accidents but will catch the aftermath.
    POS3 Valley view is great for seeing approaching storms. It might be auto-sampled every hour for a quick storm picture then return to security monitor....maybe, still thinking of this position.

    I suppose I could write something in Indigo to control SS. But Being a newbie I haven’t convinced myself SS has some of this already built in. In addition I will be installing 3 or 4 more cams 25- or 30-feet in the air just for the view and a little reduncency. 8K cams for a great valley view, so there could be 7 or 8 PTZ’s to control.

    A ‘feature’ >..... I would have all cams auto return (as a group) to security position POS1 after 2 to 10 minutes.

    Another desire: I would also love to be able to set all cams to night-vision color vs. IR-b&w vision. I realize night vision is low light. But a global method to do this using SS or even one cam at a time... would sure be nice. I’ve been focusing on 4K and 8K cams....the quality is really getting good. Yes, I’m very happy about the cams since the skylink101 cam days.

    So, I realize I brought up two or three separate things here....thanks for the software. Any thoughts anyone?
  • Your setup sounds great, and it's great to hear you are getting good results with SecuritySpy. Cameras have certainly come a long way - what make/model cameras are you using? Since you are happy with the cameras this would be good for us and other users to know.

    SecuritySpy doesn't have a built-in feature to control the PTZ of multiple cameras simultaneously, however this can be achieved with some simple AppleScripts. For example, here is an AppleScript to move the first four cameras to their first preset position, all at the same time:

        tell app "SecuritySpy"
            ptz preset1 camera number 0
            ptz preset1 camera number 1
            ptz preset1 camera number 2
            ptz preset1 camera number 3
        end tell

    Actual camera numbers can be obtained from the Camera Info window in SecuritySpy (if you don't see this column, click the header bar where you see the column names to add it).

    This script can then be set as a trigger in Indigo. You can create multiple scripts in this way for the different views you want.

    To reset to a particular preset after a certain time, you could do something like this:

        tell app "SecuritySpy"
            ptz preset2 camera number 0
            ptz preset2 camera number 1

            delay 120

            ptz preset1 camera number 0
            ptz preset1 camera number 2
        end tell

    This should work pretty well as long as there is low likelihood that one script will be called during the time that a different script is waiting in the delay period.

    As for night-vision and IR, SecuritySpy does not have controls for this, because each camera manufacturer uses a different set of commands for features such as this. Once I know the make and model of your cameras it may be possible to find the right commands and therefore build a simple script to do this.
  • Hey Ben thank you for the quick reply and sorry for the slow response.

    You asked about the cams I’ve been so happy about: Here they are...

    Amcrest: IP3M-941. A 3MP PTZ wifi camera, 2304x1296, with reasonable night vision (not advertised as such but if there is a little light the color is good enough). Great PTZ and preset operation on the Dahua Technology profile. ONVIF is no good for this cam in the PTZ department.

    Amcrest: IP3M-943 3MP wifi bullet cam.

    Lorex: LNB4421 Bullet Cam, CNV, POE, 4MP, 2688x1520. $55!!! On Amazon. I use 4 of these with an Amcrest AMPS5E4P-AT-65 extended temperature attic compliant 5-port POE+ switch with metal housing. The 5th port is gigabit for uplink. Very good pictures.

    I also can list some camera’s to stay away from; amcrest IP2M-xxx, and any CAM labeled insteon. I have some of both types but they are being retired. The amcrest’s are just getting old. The insteons are total junk.

    Thank you very much for the applescript suggestions. I understand applescript is being phased out, but I can make the appropriate Python translations. I did spend time in the Indigo application with the Cynical SecuritySpy plugin and found a ton of good fun and useful securitySpy control features. I will keep you updated when I get something worthwhile going, which shouldn’t take too long. It would be a cool feature in SS though to be able to group move PTZ presets sometimes.

    Looking for some good 8MP PTZ cams for high up mounting... i can see where wifi wouldn’t work well at 8MP...planning on wired connection.

    BTW, my Mac Mini is now running 15% loaded now with 6-fps, average 2MP cameras, times 12. I think it can handle 4 more. Thanks again. :)
  • I’ve been looking for a 8MP PTZ camera....wired is fine. No luck....unless a turrent cam is the same as a ptz. More research.

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