Lost iOS notification “preview”
  • Previously when I received an in-app SecuritySpy notification, I would also get a handy freeze-frame “preview” of the capture.

    Recently, my notifications are lacking the preview. It is now just text (“Motion detected in camera X”).

    Really would like to get back the capture “preview”! So useful.

    Not sure if this is an issue with SS server, the iOS app or maybe iOS 12. But posting here in case anyone (or Ben) can help get things working again.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Cameron, this is not a known issue, so there must be something with your setup that is causing this.

    The first thing would be to make sure that SecuritySpy's web interface is available to the Internet. This is required to deliver the preview thumbnail (but not the notification itself, so this could explain the problem).

    Secondly, the iOS device does need a good Internet connection at the time of the notification in order to pull in the image. If the connection is slow, it may be enough for the tiny amount of data required to deliver the notification, but not enough for the image. Could this be the problem?

    Finally, try deleting the server from the app (swipe left to delete it) and then adding it again, and re-enabling notifications for the camera(s) you want.

    Does this resolve the issue?
  • Thanks for the reply Ben. Will give these suggestions a go when I get back home this evening
  • Follow-up: logged into SecuritySpy viewcam server and everything looked fine there. Could see captures and such.

    Definitely wasn’t a bandwidth issue.

    Did as you suggested and removed the SS server form the app and re-added it. After that, it was back to working. My problem is solved though I still have no idea what caused it in the first place :-)

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