Seeing the camera disconnected icon, but only on one device
  • We use a Foscam camera for our baby monitor, and I keep an iPad Mini next to the bed, to keep an eye on her overnight.

    As of the other day, that camera shows the “broken connection” icon on that camera. I don’t see that on any of my computers, my main iPad, my iPhone, or my wife’s devices. It’s just the iPad mini.

    I upgraded my host machine to Mojave and the iPad mini to iOS 12 around the same time, but I’m not sure that is the culprit.

    Is it possible that the iPad mini is suddenly no longer powerful enough to show that stream? I do see some of my other cameras show that icon, but for the most part, they all show fine except the baby camera.

    Any thoughts on what I can try? I’ve rebooted the iPad mini, host computer (which is a 2013 Mac Pro), and network. I haven’t removed and readded the Security Spy app on the iPad mini, but happily will if that could fix the issue.
  • This is a strange one - do you see other cameras on this iPad Mini? Does this iPad Mini have a good WiFi signal? And you can definitely see the live video from this particular camera on other devices?

    The first thing to do would be to delete and re-install the app on the iPad Mini.

    One other thing you can try is to go to the SecuritySpy settings on this iPad Mini, and change the "Live H.264 Video" setting - try both "Off" and "On". Both should work, but perhaps you'll have better luck with one over the other.

    It won't be because the iPad Mini is not powerful enough, there must be some other issue here.
  • This morning at 3:30, I woke up and noticed the iPad mini had locked itself. It happens sometimes. I think it’s an iOS thing, not a SS thing.

    When I unlocked it and reopened SS, that camera was broken again. So I grabbed my normal iPad from the floor to check it.

    It wasn’t working there either. But the other four cameras were.

    So I VPN’d into my host computer downstairs and restarted SS. That seems to fix the issue for a handful of hours.

    The app on my desktop isn’t locked up at all and there’s plenty of CPU available (not like the computer’s doing anything at that time).

    What’s also odd; if I look at the motion triggered captures for that camera, they seem to stop around 11pm to 12am the last few nights, too. Indicating that something happens on the desktop to think that camera isn’t working anymore.

    Based on this new info, I don’t think it’s the iPad mini at all. Anything specific I should look at on my desktop?
  • I just upgraded to the beta of SecuritySpy and will see how that runs.

    This morning when I came to my desktop, SecuritySpy had locked up entirely and wouldn't even force quit. I had to reboot to get it to quit to swap in the beta.

    We'll see how that goes.
  • No luck. The beta did the same thing. Looks like it was frozen from 1:30 to 4:30, given the lack of motion captures (my daughter tosses and turns a lot in her sleep)

    It seems to have unfrozen itself as of around 5am though.

    Could it be that my desktop is doing too much overnight all of a sudden? Backups running, handbrake compressing video, etc.?

    It all worked fine last week and the only thing that changed was Mojave, so I’m suspect of that. I imagine no one else had reported the same problem, so I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do here.
  • As a test, last night, I left off every overnight process my desktop runs.

    No video compression, no cloud backups, no web server.

    In hopes that'd make SecuritySpy have more resources.

    The result was the same, around 10:30pm, that one camera became "broken" and stopped responding.

    I used a different IP cam app straight to my iPad and it works fine, but I didn't pay for SecuritySpy licenses and the iOS license to have it *not* work, so I'd love some help on this situation.

    Happy to try any suggestions or bug logging possible.
  • This is difficult to diagnose here with these non-specific symptoms, so please could you email us and include SecuritySpy's log file:

    From the File menu in SecuritySpy, select the "Open Log" option. This should open the log file in TextEdit. Use the "Duplicate" ("Save As") option from the File menu to save this to your Desktop, and then attach the file to your email.

    This log file will contain specific error messages and codes, and should give us a much better idea about what is going on with this problem camera.
  • Ben, will do.

    I assume you want the log file from when this happens, or is any old log file helpful in some way?
  • Great, thanks. There is only one log file, and it should contain all relevant entries with a good amount of history.
  • Sent it over yesterday morning. Let me know if I can send anything else to help figure out what’s up.

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