HTTP / HTTPS Access and app not working
  • Hi,

    I have security spy and its has been working perfectly across internet access for both the browser viewer and the iOS app until last weekend.

    Since then I have not been able to access either the browser view or the app whilst not on my local network in the house - I have checked the most obvious settings

    On SecuritySpy:
    - Enable web server: HTTP enabled on port 8000 / HTTPS enabled on port 8001
    NAT-PMP and UpNp Enabled for both HTTp and HTTPS

    Dyanamic DNS name - test is fine (light green)

    All other options ticked (HTTPS encryption and general options selected)

    Account set up with one username and password as an admin user.

    On router - internet perfect - 60+ Mbps and showing UPnP enabled for my mac's Ip address on the router homepage for port 8000 and 8001, suggesting all ok with the connection.

    I'm currently using version 4.2.9b1 - I know this is Beta but the previous version (latest release) had the same issue so I thought id try the Beta...

    I can't think of anything else to try?

  • It’s now randomly started working....
  • Good to hear that, hopefully it was just a temporary blip.
  • Broken again... worked seamlessly for about a day then lost it again... nothing changed my side in terms of network
  • Perchance is it failing shortly after OSX sleeps your display? The later iterations of High Sierra (possible Mojave as well) caused several of my server apps to become unreachable shortly after the display went to sleep. I know SS tells the OS to let it run unfettered during display sleep, but I suspect this isn't completely honored by OSX.

    My most dependable solution, at this time, is to NEVER let my display sleep on my server Mac's
  • No seems unrelated.... literally no idea... anyone else having issues or is it just me? It’s the only internet service I’m having problems with

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