Foscam C2E
  • Anyone tried to get the little low priced Foscam C2E working with SS?
  • Just tested with BlueIrus to make sure it works with other apps aside from Foscam. Works fine using the Foscam C1/C2 profile.
  • Ok I’ve tried every configuration and no go ☹️
  • The Foscam C1 and C2 cameras work in SecuritySpy using the "Foscam H.264" profile, so this is most likely the correct profile for the C2E too. Besides this, you'll need to enter the correct address, username and password for the camera. The Format should be set to H.264.

    If this doesn't work, please email us and we'll try to work with you directly to get this working. Please include with your email a screenshot of the camera's settings in SecuritySpy.
  • Yea that's what I am using. All I did was switch out the C2 with the C2E (after I changed the ip/pw to match the C2) and it don't work. Ill send you a shot of my settings. I know the cam is fine because it works fine with Foscam app and BlueIris.

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