Mojave 14.0 Network File Client Bug Warning
  • I've found a bug in Mojave 14.0 that affects your machine if it connects as a client to network volumes containing large files that have custom icons. Mojave works fine as the file SERVER, but as a client there is a problem. Finder or whatever app is attempting to access the remote files will become unresponsive and may eventually crash. You'll also see CPU getting used by Kernal Process and Network reads going crazy (40-60 MB/sec).

    If you are recording to a network share, be cautious about upgrading to Mojave. At the very least, have a good bootable drive clone before trying Mojave. The first time you try to read something from your network drives may be an unhappy event.

    This is nearly identical to a network volume/custom icon bug in High Sierra when that was first released.
  • Thanks for letting us know about this Guy. You might want to file a bug with Apple about this so that they can fix it in a subsequent release.
  • Already filed.

    I reported it here because I suspect some of us use a NAS.

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