Power saving and monitor waking
  • I have the monitor attached to my Mac mini setup in power saving settings to turn off after 4 mins of activity.

    Every few mins it seems to wake up for a few seconds just long enough for me to see the screen is locked and waiting for a password. Then it will power off again.

    I've not got any other programs running on the Mac and I don't have it set to display cameras at any point.

    Is there anything which could be causing the monitor to wake up like this ?
  • Yes, this is a workaround in SecuritySpy for a nasty macOS bug. This is a bug in High Sierra that can cause a deadlock in the main thread of applications while the screen is sleeping (essentially, the main thread is indefinitely locked in some Apple UI code waiting on a background thread). SecuritySpy gets around this by detecting the situation and temporarily waking the screen to break the deadlock. This is the only effective workaround we have found, and has the unfortunate effect of waking the screen. Apple is aware of this bug but apparently haven't fixed it yet. Hopefully the next macOS release (Mojave, coming soon) will not have this issue.
  • I found that my minimising the application stops it from flashing on / off all the time.

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