What controls sensitivity?
  • Hi Ben-

    I installed a Zavio 6330 a few days ago and am very happy, especially with the night vision.

    Anyway, here's my question after testing several variables with no luck.
    The 6330 has many different camera settings including a separate Threshold and Sensitivity. Does SecuritySpy override the dual camera settings? I've set tha Zavio at factory 50/50 and all the way to 5/100 (threshold/sensitivity with SecuritySpy at 50 or 60 and don't see much difference, that is, with the senario described above, this camera is missing people walking with no obstructions at ~35/40ft and missing it. Cars seem to be fine. The camera is mounted under an eave with about a 15 degree down angle.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi Mark,

    The camera's motion-detection options are completely separate from SecuritySpy's. In SecuritySpy, if you are finding that it's missing movement, then I suggest you increase the sensitivity setting under Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup.

    Please also read our blog post How To Achieve Effective Motion Detection.

    Note that 40ft is quite a long way away, especially if the camera has a wide-angle lens. You will probably only get effective motion detection for people closer to the camera.

    If you want us to advise further, please email us and include an image from the camera (right-click on it in SecuritySpy and select the "Save Image As JPEG" option to create an image to send to us).
  • Hi Ben and thanks for this.

    Regarding camera vs SecuritySpy controls for motion detection, which comes first? That is, do I set the factory threshold/sensitivity settings first then adjust SS, or the other way around?
    I can see problems getting this set correctly as I don't know which setting is managing what, at what level. For example, setting the Zavio camera at 5/100 and SS sensitivity at 50, is SS restricting the Zavio to 50% of the above settings? I will contact the vendor maybe tomorrow regarding this but I don't want them to say that this is a SS problem without me checking it out first.

    The referenced article is excellent BTW.

  • Hi Mark - the camera's motion-detection settings and SecuritySpy's motion-detection settings are completely independent. So if you change the camera's settings, this won't affect how SecuritySpy can detect motion, and vice versa. SecuritySpy is purely analysing pixels in the incoming video stream in order to determine motion, and these aren't changed by changing the camera's motion-detection settings.

    Hope this helps!
  • Finally, I get it. I think :>)

    Thanks for the help and explanation!


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