License Plate Capture?
  • I would like to use a camera that can do license plate capture, or license plate recognition. An example is a Geovision GV-LPC1200. These cameras are optimized to read license plates, day or night. Will it work with SecuritySpy? Anybody tried one of these (or something similar)?
  • This camera supports ONVIF, so will work with SecuritySpy for live video and recording. At this time, SecuritySpy does not have any features to specifically capture or recognise number plates, though this is a feature that we are looking at for the future. With this particular camera, you will be able to use the on-camera features for number plate recognition at the same time as viewing/recording video in SecuritySpy, but these two functions will not be integrated together in any way.
  • vince: Here's my post from earlier this year about capturing license plates with an Axis camera and SS:

    I've thought of extracting the license plates for the camera aimed at my driveway but haven't done any work on this yet.

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