iOS 12 Public Beta and Security Spy App - Black Screen on Individual Cameras
  • It's beta, so I can't be surprised, but running the latest iOS 12 Public Beta and the latest Security Spy iOS app, when I click on individual cameras to view them, I get total black screens in portrait mode. Turning to landscape mode, I can double click the screen to see the corner and then zoom back into the main image. But for now, in portrait mode, it's completely useless. Anyone else seeing this?
  • I get exactly the same Remote Patrol is working fine for viewing and I switch over to the native SS iOS app for viewing footage. It'll only be a few months before everything is back to normal so this suffices. I'm a beta fool too :-) No offence intended.
  • Same here. iOS 12 Public beta
  • This seems to be a location problem - the image is there, but its position is off the screen. We don't quite know why yet, but are looking into it. Can you both try the new iOS 12 beta 3 and let me know if you see the same problem or not?
  • Ben, looks like the latest Public Beta fixed it for me.
  • iOS 12 public Beta 2 — now it works. FYI.
  • Great to hear that, thanks for reporting back!

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