revive axis 207W and 207MW
  • any suggestions for reviving these Axis models? I can find them on my network via Bonjour, but their interface does not show any livestream, even when set for jpg image stream, or mpeg4 with Quicktime 7 internet plugin enabled for browser. Which may explain why no success getting an image through SS. Does anyone use these cameras still, and did you do a firmware upgrade, and how? (Axis device manager only supports windows). thanks for any suggestions.
  • I correct myself, I've been able to get livestream from the Axis 207MW, (firmware version 4.40.1), just not 207W (firmware version 4.40)
  • This camera should work in SecuritySpy with the device type "Axis (older MPEG-4 cameras)". Make sure that you aren't using the main "Axis" profile, as this is designed for newer H.264 cameras.

    Then, try either the "JPEG HTTP" or the "MPEG-4 RTSP" Format settings (both should work).

    If that doesn't work, then make sure that the other settings are correct (address, port, username, password).

    If you are still having problems, please email us and we'll help you directly with this.

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