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  • Hello Folks,

    Does anyone know what the standard user/password is for the Network Device finder I am totally locked out of it having lost the original settings have tried the usual admin/password etc, Having been successful in the past to get into this I found it so useful, any help will be much appreciated,


  • Hi - the Network Device Finder utility does not require any password to use. Probably you are using it to locate a network camera, and then opening that network camera in a web browser, and it is this that is asking for login.

    The default login for network cameras is often "admin" and "admin" for the username and password, but this does vary depending on the manufacturer. And at some point you may have created a custom password. I would recommend consulting the user manual for your camera to get the default login, and if that doesn't work, then perform a factory reset of the camera (instructions for this should be in the user manual) and set it up again.
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your reply, to clarify I am able to get into my camera settings using the web browser for my camera, however the network device finder application will not open up for me,I have tried lots of password possibilities, is there any way in which NDF can be reset back to not needing a password?.

    I used to be able to control all of my cameras settings from NDF which was far better than the standard settings on my camera browser.

    I would be more than willing to pay towards NDF for any costs incurred.

    Thanks, Steve.
  • Hi Steve, I’m a bit confused here, because our Network Device Finder app never requires a password, nor can it configure camera settings. It is literally just for discovering devices on your network. Info is here:

    Are you sure you aren’t using some other software?
  • Hi Ben,

    I have definitely used this software in the past to access my cameras otherwise hidden configurations including having the ability to increase the recording times to whatever I wanted which was a massive improvement from the existing 15 second maximum .

    The only other query I have is that when I reach the NDF window the subnet is fixed, as such I am not able to alter this setting, I can change the port number.

    I am able to reach my routers configurations form NDF on Port 80 it is Port 85 where my cameras are at is where NDF needs a password. I could take a screenshot if this would help and send to you directly?

    Thanks Ben,

  • Yes, please email us a screenshot of this and we'll let you know what's going on here.

    Note that when you double-click any found device in NDF, it opens the device's web interface in a web browser, and I suspect this is what is asking for a password to access. This will be a password set on the device itself; not a password required by NDF.

    As for the choice of subnet: most computers are connected to one network only, hence there is no other choice. You will only have a choice here if your Mac is connected to more than one network.
  • Hi Ben,

    I have sent screenshots separately to email address as requested.

    Many thanks,

  • Thanks, I have replied to your email.

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